Culture of the team

Powerful Expertise Brought Together by Passion

A pioneer of luxury German kitchens and interiors in Dubai, Innerspace is home to some of the finest and most experienced luxury interior designers and skilled master-architects in the geography. We are powered by a team of world-class project managers, ingenious installation experts and the maestros of operational excellence. At the heart of Innerspace is an unmistakable passion for architecture, an appreciation of style and unapologetic standards for quality. At Innerspace, we stand for excellence, integrity, expertise and entrepreneurship.

  • Excellence


    At Innerspace excellence extends beyond products to a beautifully choreographed, seamless, five-star experience. We don’t settle for anything less than a perfect process. We go for right first time, every time.

  • Integrity That Honours Trust

    Integrity That Honours Trust

    At Innerspace, integrity is an inherent part of work. We only deliver spaces built from the finest materials in a manner that is safe for the planet and for you. We are transparent in our processes and deliver on our promises. At Innerspace, we honour trust.

  • Expertise Fuelled by Passion

    Expertise Fuelled by Passion

    At Innerspace, expertise is a prerequisite. Putting it together with passion is how we bring the space we work on to life. We do not believe knowledge is enough because a revolution always starts from passion.

  • Entrepreneurship Everyday

    Entrepreneurship Everyday

    Innerspace is a family-owned business. It is important to us that everything we do at Innerspace contributes to growth. We are always looking ahead and pushing ourselves forward. We started as a business that looked at space and saw opportunity, and we carry that ethos with us every day. We believe in exploring the unknown, pioneering change and never missing an opportunity.