A place of socialization, entertainment or just relaxation, a living room is the focal point of a home’s design that brings together family and loved ones.  Inviting and unique, an entrance into the hall determines the first impression of your home’s living ambience. Well-appointed high-end home décor accessories such as sofas, tables, TV units, cabinets and dangling lights create a beautiful, relaxing feel in your home. 

 Luxurious design is, like many genres, open to infinite possibilities and here are a few popular elements that define your luxury living room. 


The cosiest place to chill, cuddle, or just relax, a designer couch can pamper you enough. A range of modular sofas offers versatile floor plan options working with great style as an individual, corner sofa or an entire sofa landscape. Upholstered with the smoothest fabrics or leather and paired with adjustable seat heights and flexible reclining systems the seats offer customisation like nothing else. 

TV units  

Your living room is both a home cinema and a concert hall. Stylish wall-mounted or stand-sitting TV consoles are a perfect way to enrich your entertainment experience. Modern TV units, stands and media accessories provide the perfect setting for a home theatre experience. Discreetly stored multi-media devices and elegantly concealed cables give your room decor an extra injection of cleanliness and style. 

Tables and Chairs  

Luxury living room furniture design complement an interior with extraordinary charm and elegance. Whether in the living room or dining hall, lounge chairs and bar stools in comfortable seating designs lend character to the rest of the living room. Voluminous soft upholstery and unmistakable smoothness of the backrest provide superior comfort for relaxed gatherings A generous selection of fixed or extendable spacious dining tables to compact coffee or side tables in an assortment of useful designs let you dine in style. 

Chandeliers and pendant lights  

An essential element of any room, the right lighting design is the key. A set of bespoke lamps, pendant lights and chandeliers allows you to feel the vividness of the space in a whole new way.  Charismatic illumination uplifts the entire room with a luxurious glow! The placement of a designer floor lamp next to an armchair turns it into a cosy reading corner!  Incredibly radiant luxury lighting makes a lasting impression and makes your rooms stand out. 

Storage cabinets 

Practical and beautiful at the same time, high-quality individual storage units – chest of drawers, consoles, book cabinets, showcases and low boards are custom made to form a harmonious entity.  These space-saving alternatives such as large wall units, showcases and glass cabinets offer plenty of storage space to display antique pieces to great effect. Coordinated and high-quality cabinets, sideboards, shoe shelves and associated accessories create order in the entrance area and hide away anything that’s not meant to be seen.  

Discover your penchant for the perfect living space 

Innerspace brings you eclectic furniture elements to seamlessly shroud entertainment in subliminal luxury. Experience the comfort of intelligent design backed by contemporary style. With an astute appreciation for fine quality, our creative interior designers in Dubai pick and place the finest elements for your luxury living room spaces. Whether private residence, suite, hotel, spa or restaurant, we are committed to achieving the best design solution for a multitude of projects.